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Our Values


STEP is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

We aim to put the community at the heart  of what we do by helping to build the capacity of local people and local organisations achieve their goals and make a significant improvement in the well being of the town and its inhabitants.

We recognises that regeneration can only work if people who are most affected by it are given the opportunity themselves to steer the transformation.

To date, the membership of the Trust has been restricted by invitation only, with all members acting as Trustees of the Board. However the Board aspires to become more open, participative and accountable to the community, and we are planning new arrangements for membership, election of trustees and governance in line with this ethos.

Plans for this transformation have already commenced and we will post regular updates on the News page of this site relating to how the community will be involved and consulted about this process.

We are committed to achieving equality in all aspects of our operation and opposed to all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination against groups and individuals, believing all should be treated with equal respect.

Mission & Values

In partnership with other organisations, STEP seeks;

“To bring about social and economic regeneration in the area by providing opportunities in employment, education and enterprise for local people, thereby assisting in the development of a viable and sustainable economy.”

Comapny Structure

STEP is legally constituted as a group of three companies, registered in England & Wales;

STEP Development Trust: registration no 3339143

STEP Business Enterprises Ltd: registration no 5079143

The registered office for all companies is located at:
STEP Development Trust
The Venue
650 Manchester Road
S36 1DY
Tel 0114 2838692

STEP Development Trust is the parent company, with the other two businesses operating the trading activities on behalf of the Trust – all profits being assigned to the Charity.

Organisation Structure

The Board has 10 Trustees charged with the overall governance and management of the Trust, all of whom are dedicated individuals who give up their time and expertise totally unpaid, for the benefit of the organisation. Their skills and experience enable STEP to represent the community it serves.